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 The UK government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. As part of the European Union has set directives covering energy matters, the UK has signed up to various environmental initiatives such as Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the UK has enforced a rule that by January 2009 to have in place a system for providing all property with an Energy Performance Certificate(EPC). 

Residential was the first property sector to require EPCs. Since 1st October 2008, all commercial properties requires an energy performance certificate(EPC) on constructions, sales or rent.

  1.  is Commercial property EPCs look very similar to the more familiar ones for white goods and Residential property?  Yes, but the scale used is different. Commercial EPCs use a scale of 0-150+. 0 being Band A -most energy efficient,   150+ being Band G - worst energy efficient.
  2.  What is Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)?    It is a methodology linked to a computer program which used to assess most commercial properties. 
  3. What information need to be gathered for SBEM?   - Building geometry area and orientation. -Commercial activity assigned to each space within the building, Building construction details ie. walls, floor, roof, windows, doors, etc. - heating, ventilation and air conditioning details, lighting, and insulation. 

  4. what methodology used for most complex building with complex services? Dynamic Simulation Model (DSM)

  5. What is thermal transmission or U value? - The rate of heat loss through each element of the building. 

  6. how U value calculated? Watts per square meter degree kelvin(W/M2*k)

  7. What is BREEAM Stand for? Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method 
  8. What is the use of BREEAM methodology? it's is a method for measuring the environmental performance of the buildings. It was developed as a system for new buildings but has been adapted for use with the refurbishment of existing building.

  9. What are the categories and their weighting?  

    Environmental Category Weighting(%)
    Management 12
    Enegery Use  19
    Health and well-being  15
    Pollution 10
    Transport 8
    Land use and ecology 10
    Waste 7.5
    Materials  12.5
    Water 6
  10.  What are the BREEAM score rating level?  Outstanding, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Pass

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